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Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons

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  • 2009 

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Madagascar 2This is the sequel to the Department, but even if you did not read the first one, nor does it affect your whole understanding and feeling of the film. DreamWorks production of taste and, like Disney's not so. The latter, the main theme of some of the former allows you to thoroughly off the screen to see the director and screenwriter badly smiles hide behind.Recently, even the titles of the films they have not miss any of LOGO, and we must also remember that Kung Fu Panda jumped into the moon in fishing master it. Madagascar in which the role of this most memorable? In addition to the four main characters is that their skills and minds rivals the penguin agents. This time, they also hard to clean up the poor of DreamWorks LOGO's angler.Then the story did not begin immediately after the first episode, but turned back to show a bit of his childhood hero Alex the lion, as well as how he came to New York and knew him a good friend of zebra Marti association, giraffes Mehlman and Miss Hippo Gloria, followed by a brief review of the first episode about the plot: In the four penguins to flee the help of the zoo, and then a row in New York, was deported back to Africa, then penguins hijack the ship was drifting to Madagascar.But there is not the end of their travel. They would like to return to New York. In the penguins and the hard work of local lemurs, the repair of an aircraft crash. They took the dream and hope, but also embarked on a journey. Catapult take-off rather smooth. But as a plane crash, this one with the fuel is more, and forced to land in a very dangerous process. However, they are safe.Thrilling action scenes, a section of the crash, rescue paragraph section of the old lady and the Lions battle have higher standards. Emotional drama. A father Alex personally in order not to give up the throne to expel her son.Alex Marti section of the monologue. Mehlman on Gloria's talk and no other, are good.

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